Hello, I am Shraddha Bhargava and the chair of this year’s Science Olympiad. Explore a variety of topics and have fun while learning about science by joining the Science Olympiad! Become a disease detective and solve medical mysteries by examining the details. Apply STEM skills to help build a robust boomilever. Craft a battery buggy that defies speed yet can run precisely to the millimeter. Try missions like these and more by participating in the 2020-2021 Science Olympiad! With almost 25 different topics included in the curriculum, participants will delve deeply into a variety of scientific topics and learn to develop and apply creative and innovative ideas. This is a great opportunity for students to apply book learning to hands-on experiments and see scientific lessons in action. Learn more at: https://www.soinc.org/

The Science Olympiad is not classroom or a teacher-led activity. It is a student-directed, parent-mentored activity. Parents should be prepared to assist with their child’s participation. Possible activities include: scheduling study time, finding new/enriching resources, purchasing supplies, perfecting designs, arranging meetings with local experts or hosting build parties. Coordinating efforts between similar events is encouraged and at the parent's discretion. Parents and students will be asked to agree to a Code of Conduct to participate.

Registration will be open to all grade levels. However, as everyone’s safety is top priority, the SO Club will operate in a modified format this year. The details are still being finalized so please get on the mailing list to get more information as soon as it comes available.

Any parents interested in volunteering as a coach, please reach out to me at your earliest convenience at scienceolympiad@letoaptsa.com. A science background is not necessary to coach.