We have heard from you that MATH/ STEM-related enrichment is high on the wish list; We heard from you that your student is enthusiastic about Math, Math puzzles, Math problems and Applied Math scenario analysis - so here at Leota PTSA is excited to offer you with all of these opportunities.

The Math Olympiad Club program is a free school-wide math enrichment program for middle school students, consisting of a series of challenging and interesting math problems provided to you. The purpose of this program is to engage and challenge students to solve interesting math problems, strengthening their math fundamentals, critical thinking and problem-solving skills - improving their confidence along the way.

What can you expect: We send emails about Math problems, News about Math, Share Math Articles and of course share information on upcoming Math Olympiads.

These opportunities cover problem solving strategies such as drawing a picture or model, making an organized list, looking for patterns, working backwards, and guess and check.

To receive information about upcoming events/competitions, please signup at the below link.

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Current available Math competition and signups

Please click on the registration column below to signup for the events that are still open for registrations.

Competition Date Name Last Date for Registration Individual/Team Registrations through PTSA * Notes
2/24, Wed MOEMS Test#4 Completed Individual (score adds up for team) yes  
2/27 Sat - 2/28 Sun Berkeley Math Tournament Completed Both yes  
3/18, Thu (not final yet) Math Kangaroo 1/31/2021 Individual no  
3/24, Wed MOEMS Test#5 3/15 (Valid for all MOEMS tests) Individual (score adds up for team) yes    
March 27– April 4, 2021 MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest Early bird (before Jan 31). Individual no  
Online Challenge begins Feb 1st International Math Contest (IMC 2021) by RSM Foundations   Individual no Qualifying students will be invited to the Russian Math Olympiad
11/25, Wed MOEMS Test#1 Completed Individual (score adds up for team) yes  
12/12, Sat Knights of Pi Completed Both yes  
12/12, Sat Ellipsis Math Challenge Tournament Completed Individual  no  
12/16, Wed MOEMS Test#2 Completed Individual (score adds up for team) yes  
1/20, Wed MOEMS Test#3 Completed Individual (score adds up for team) yes  
2/5, Friday MathCounts Completed Individual yes  
2/10, Wed Math is Cool Completed Both yes  

*Some competitions require that only one person enrolls a school and facilitates the tests. All the competitions which have this requirement will be enrolled by PTSA. For the rest, PTSA will only communicate about the event but the parents are on their own to register and take the tests.


Preparation classes, formats and materials

Please see here for preparation classes that are happening every Wednesday 2pm - 3pm. We also have posted formats, past questions, and other details about each competition at the same place.



Q: Am I enrolled in all Math Olympiads by being a part of this email

A: No. You have to individually register for each Olympiad/ Math tournament separately. We will communicate all details and you can chose which one you would like to attend.

Q: Do the math challenges follow common core?
A: Not necessarily. The boundaries are limitless ??

Q: Are the challenge questions different for each grade?
A: Each Math Challenge paper contains question sets that apply to all grades - increasing in difficulty from the first question to the last question (you can expect up to 10 questions). Each student can be challenged to do more than required.

Q: Can parents help my student with the problems?
A: This is intended to get kids excited about math - if working thru problems with them, gets them excited and confident about math, GO FOR IT! This can definitely be a FAMILY project to work on and discuss these math challenges!!

Q: Can we form buddies and solve problems

A: This is all about having fun while stimulating your brain with like minded kids. If you have buddies who would like to join you in this puzzle solving – GO FOR IT.

Q: Do I get help if I don’t know how to solve these problems

A: We are working on hosting Math sessions where we can guide on how to solve these problems if you would like. Please look here for details.

Q: Am I graded

A: You are not graded in any way by being part of the program

Q: Do I have to participate in all the upcoming math Olympiads if I am part of the group.

A: Not at all. Each Math program has a different schedule. We will do our best in communicating the logistics of the Math Olympiads. You can decide what works for you and join for the tournament separately.


Contact our Leota PTA Math Challenge Chair: matholympiad@leotaptsa.com