Many Thanks to all the Parents that attended the Screenager documentary. Below are some take away tips and supporting materials. Our Leota Principal also gave a talk about resources and she will be making it available in the next week or so and we will include it on the PTSA site.

Having weekly, short, calm conversations with your family about tech is so important. Tech Talk
Tuesday (TTT), our weekly blog, offers you tools and tips for discussions. Families tell us it’s
making a huge difference. Visit our website to
try one. It’s never too late to start a conversation about technology but often doing it in baby
steps is more effective. —Delaney Ruston, MD, filmmaker of Screenagers

Four Basic rules to consider— (go to to find ways to enforce rules)

1. No screens in bedrooms when kids and teens go to sleep (for younger kids keep
screens out completely). Fact: 75% teens get inadequate sleep. The presence of
devices disrupts sleep cycles.
2. Set time goals for studying without multitasking and then, also, take tech breaks. Fact:
Multitasking is linked to less retention and poorer academic outcomes.
3. Eat family meals without devices. Fact: Face-to-face conversations improve mood and
4. Put phones and devices away in the car. Fact: More than half of kids report seeing their
parents text while driving.

Tips to help your child build self-control

1. Science shows that positive rewards work better than punishment. For example, if you
observe your child focused while doing their homework without their device, praise them.
2. Build times when tech is out of sight. Self-control is hard, so decrease temptations.
3. Use TTT to let your kids share with you about the reasons they like tech in their lives—
the more they feel understood, the more they’ll work with you on tech limits.

 Much more information is available: CLICK HERE