Say hello to PTSA's newest addition: The Science Olympiad Club

Explore a variety of topics and have fun while learn about science by joining the Science Olympiad Club. Examine the details and solve the medical mysteries by becoming a disease detective. Apply STEM skills to build a robust boomilever. Craft a battery buggy that defies speed yet can run precisely to the millimeter. Students will have an opportunity to try missions such as this and much much more in the coming 2019-2020 Science Olympiad Club.

With almost 25 different topics included in the curriculum, participants will delve deep into a variety of scientific topics and apply creative and innovative ideas to present as a team. Qualified teams can present their skills at regional, state, and even national level competitions. This is a great opportunity for students to apply book learning to hands-on experiments and see scientific lessons in action. Learn more at:

The club is also seeking parent volunteers to support students by either being a team coach (managing coordination primarily – a science background is not needed) or occasionally coming in to team meetings to offer suggestions or expert guidance to students based on specific topics.

Family Commitment
Science Olympiad is not classroom or a teacher led activity. It is a student-directed, parent-mentored activity. Parents should be prepared to assist their child's partnership. Possible activities include: scheduling study time, finding new/enriching resources, purchasing supplies, perfecting designs, arranging meetings with local experts or hosting build parties. Coordinating efforts between similar events is encouraged & at the parent's discretion.

Parents & students will be asked to agree to a Code of Conduct to participate.  Registration is open to all grade levels! 

Registration fee is $60 per student if you register before September 30, 2019 ($$80 after the 30th). Last day to register is October 15th. No refunds will be given if student is unable to participate after registration.

For more information please contact: Shraddha Bhargava at or by phone at 425-368-8984.